Vivetango - Live the Tango

To all the persons, that are interested in our Tango and speak English:

we tried to make a conclusion of the most important points, our Philosophy and about us in english. Not the hole page is translated, but if you have questions, ask us!!

We speak german and also spanish in our clases, but we try to do our very best to translate to you in english ;-)

Our Philosophy - how to learn Tango

We want to convey to our students the feeling and pecularities of the Argentine Tango. It is an incredibly valuable experience in total Fusion with another Person and at the same time Floating with Music across the Floor. When learning Tango, it is also importan to us that we have fun together and spend a nice time together. Everybody learns better with fun!


It is perfectly clear to us that every Person sets his or her own Goals when her/she wants to learn something. Many students come simply to spend time together with their Partners, others want to learn the Tango Argentino down to the smallest Details and intensively, others want to develop their Dance skills, and the Tango is just one facet of their Passion for dancing. So we would never pressure you to learns something - except you are asking especially for it ;-)


To learn Tango Argentino there are several basic principles:


1. The technique: How to lead and how to follow? How do you set Impulses and how does the other Person percieve the Impulses? Which posture is the most beneficial? How do I move with my Partner? How to set the foot and where in the Body is Tension and relaxion? Learning communication and Connection is the Basis for dancing together.


2. The embrace / El Abrazo: Embrazing is not just a technique. The embrace also connects you emotionally with your partner. Every embrace is another meeting with another human being. You get in touch with another personality and with another soul.


3. Walking / La caminata: In Tango you are Always in movement. Walking in the "Ronda" (on the Dance Floor in a circle with the other couples) is one of the most important pinciples of every Milonga (Tango Party). Tango is a Dance that you dance together with other people in a limites space and in a community - it is a social Dance. Many couples move on a Dance Floor at the same time. All take care of each other. If you have space you can walk along, if the space is reduced, stay on your place reduce your Walking.


4. The musicality: Of course we move to the music while we are dancing. Every movement you make in Tango should be in harmony with the music. On the one hand, the music is technically interpreted in its structure, but of course - and above all - emotionally. Every composer, every orquestra, every singer and every musicians put emotion in the music he/she is composing or playing, so you, as a dancer!


5. From Steps / Figures to improvisation: all steps and figures that you learn in Tango are relative. They are flexible, not fixed, can be combined with each other and, above all, do not follow any fixed procedures. If you study the Basic principles (what you can read in Points 1 to 4) intensively and get involves with them, it makes your own Tango more valuable and individual. Memorizing procedures is too monotonous and looses a lot of the Tango feeling, of improvisations and posibilities. It´s a lot better to learn elements and not procedures. And then learn how to combine the elements and how to improvise.

Tango Argentino is a couple dance. What does it mean to dance in couple? You have to be in connection with your partner. Connection is only posible through body tension. When body tension is present, you interprete the structure and the emotions of the music - together in the couple. You can interprete one steps in length, velocity, intensity and level. And also with diferent emotions and feelings. So imagine the posibilities you have… and how wonderfull is this freedom.


Everybody has his/her own Tango inside - our Job is to help you to wake up your Tango!

Fotos Hintergrund: Lisa Franz, Tom Hirschmann, Kirsten Luna Sonnemann. Bernhard Weishaupt

Fotos Hintergrund: Lisa Franz, Tom Hirschmann, Kirsten Luna Sonnemann. Bernhard Weishaupt