Gabi and Gustavo



Our special lessons are characterized by a lot of passion, humor, spontaneity and creativity. The anecdotes about the history and development of tango make it an experience. Understanding one's own body and sensitively perceiving the partner is very important to both of us. Only through a good base can fast progress be achieved. This is the basis of the Tango Salon, which we want to introduce to the course participants.
We attach great importance to our students getting to know all the facets and moods of Tango Argentinos. They should be able to let themselves fall into this very own world of this special dance. The tango is not just a dance, but a philosophy and attitude to life.


We have already participated in national and international competitions in Argentina and Brazil. In 2014 we reached the 3rd place on the preliminary round of the Tango World Championships in Münster. In 2015 we "defended" our 3rd place in Münster. Participating in the Tango World Championships in Buenos Aires in August 2014 was a great success and a wonderful experience.



Gustavo has been teaching Argentine Tango in Germany since 2003. He previously worked in a dance school in Misiones, Argentina.
Important tango personalities who influenced Gustavo's tango were: Johann Copes, Bruno Gibertoni, Alejandra Mantinan, Aoniken Quiroga, Martin Ojeda, Marian Montes, Sebastian Arce, El Pibe Sarandí, Adrian Veredice, Oscar Mandagaran, Jorge el Turco, Clarisa Aragón and Jonathan Saavedra ,
Gustavo has an infectious way to convey his man technique in many Hours. He teach his technique so that every tango-tangent man guaranteed addressed. With much sensitivity he conveys elegance to the tango-dancing ladies.
In addition, there is never a dash of humor, a pinch of "original Argentine" and a handful of stories from life.

"Bailar Tango es para mi la expresión literal de todas tus emociones compartida en pareja, escrita en la musica!"
"Tango dancing is for me the exact expression of all your emotions, shared with your partner, written in music!"


Dancing and music has always played a big role in Gabi's life. For many years she took ballet lessons, studied violin and piano, played in orchestras and sang in choir and in bands. She has also frequently practiced choreography. She has rehearsed and performed 3 musicals with students and students.
Gustavo met her in 2003 in Puerto Rico, Argentina, where she spent a year doing an internship in a children's village for her studies in social work. There she met Gustavo in a dance school and learned his first tango steps with him. To
In a few months she became his tango partner.
Today she also works as a social pedagogue in Geretsried besides the tango. Gustavo and Gabi have 2 children together (see below).
"I am fascinated by the tango. For me, there is no other dance that has so many levels, so much of one or many cultures, so many different emotions that allow you to fall into an almost supernatural flow, and so rich in music and humanity. I love to dance tango and I also love to teach tango and coach my students individually. Every person is different. Everybody needs something different. Every person learns differently. I am happy to accompany this way. "

Foto Hintergrund: Tom Hirschmann, Kirsten Luna Sonnemann. Bernhard Weishaupt